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northern california division. all of them will be used to provide support and get things up and running. so we're happy to send crews out there to restore customers. we've got 150 employees going from northern and central california that. is designed so we can still maintain safe operations here in california while we're helping our utilities on the coast coast. >> most of the teams have helped other agencies before. the teams expected to arrive in white plains new york in the morning and will hit the ground running. relieving some of the team that's are already working and have been working, around the clock in the field most of them have been just trying to restore power lines assess damage and find out what it is they need. that is why pg&e is determined to get there tonight, if they can. i want you to see these teams that are headed to new york tonight. hope floi get there before midnight but by morning they say they're determined to get brothers and sisters on the east coast up and running again. >> nick, thank you very much. the red cross making a plea for blood donations tonight. the
southern california to washington state. >> after interview was the subjects and... reviewing items that were recovered from the car, they feel we can now refer to these people as suspects. >> the 24-year-old and his wife appeared in court today. they were arrested near seattle yesterday after being chased in ko's subaru. police say darnell escaped with the help of his wife, police believe he wounded a los angeles county sheriff's deputy with a shotgun. king's county prosecutor says a sawed off shotgun and several shells were found in the car when arrested the burning question is what could have led the suspects to the home? do we know how these people ended up crossing paths? i can't discuss that at this time. >> i want to know why they picked this house. this court. why did they kill her? why couldn't you have tied her up? took the car? >> answers may come out as detectives begin to pool their information. they're investigating if the pair car jacked and robbed others traveling from southern california to northern california. in hercules, abc 7 news. >> fire investigators say an e
hates to do with what's happening in the world for market for crude and california working out problems. >> the price drop has been averaging 25 cents per gallon it could be soon 40 cents per gallon. when you fact glower a savings of about $4. more than enough to buy this bag of halloween candy. how sweet it is. >> moving on, sadly a man died while working on a crane today about 9:30 this morning. investigators say the man suffered a crushed chest and they say he was performing maintenance on the crane. cal osha working to figure out what happened. in san mateo county identity of a girl whose body washed ashore remains a history tonight. authorities releasing new information in hopes that someone can help identify herks it's a body of a caulk caution female, five inches tall about 108 pounds. she has brown or black hair and fully clothed wearing jeans, black boots and a red top with pink braces on her teeth. contra costa county district attorney is charging a southern california couple with murder in the death of a hercules woman this month. they were arrested near the air post last wee
in a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california a man broke out of jail in august allegedly with his wife's help. >> and we're live in hercules with more on this big break in the case. >> i have the latest here combining information from washington as well as hercules police. today we know that the police stopped a man and woman who as you said were driving a murder victim's car. and the couple believed to be responsible for a crime spree starting in southern california. and there blue subaru station wagon belonged to suzy ko was stolen from her home, she was found stabbed to death in her front entry pri night by neighbors. the crime spree started when the 25-year-old woman suspect tonya washington helped her 24-year-old husband escape from san bernardino county jail august 28th. the pair shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy who stopped the vehicle later, they escaped armed with a shotgun in, seattle, this morning deputies say the suspects rammed into their patrol car and sped away after a stop for a stolen plate after a pursuit, be police took them into custody at
will be in california to announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. >>> we're now a month away from the election day, and it's the vice-president ya candidates' turn to duke it out. they'll scheduled for thursday. and mitt romney is keeping busy and the crowd at his rallies are growing. here's the latest. >> mitt romney spent a second consecutive day asking for votes in florida. >> the republican contender is ride something momentum from last week's debate. he has drawn his biggest crowds of the came pain. 6,000 last night in orlando, and 8,000 today in port st. lucy. >> you hard a chance to hear his answer or nonanswer. now, of course, days later, we're hearing his excuses, and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> president obama arrived in california today for a two-day fundraising swing in the solidly democratic state. tonight he'll attend a star studded event at the nokia theater. celebrities on hand to support the president's eelection. over two days the obama campaign is expected to raise a minimum of $59 million. when it comes to
is also on alert. >> state of california sued to take masks off some of the mystery donors pushing of anonymous dollars into the campaign to defeat a tax measure on the ballot. nannette? >> federal law doesn't require nonprofits to disclose donors but a new rule does a law just filed by the attorney general is the first test of the power. >> californians one step closer to knowing who is behind americans for responsible leadership ai. group gave $11 million to a california political action committee. the money being spent to defeat proposition 30 and win approval for proposition 32 banning payroll deductions. the commission won the first round in court arguing it's imperative they unmask donors.. >> if not disclosed immediately, each day brings more public harm and less public moth of the -- knowledge of the contribution. >> the attorney says the constitution allow pemz to express political opinions through donations.. >> this can only be interfered with if rules are clear that they have the authority and they do not. >> and judge ruled arl must hand in reasons why it shouldn't hav
'll be applying for licenses. >> california is the first state to ban driver's licenses -- grant driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. >> governor brown vetoed so called domestic workers bill of rights that would have granted overtime to 200,000 nan yeez housekeepers the governor said it left too many questions unanswered including how it would apply to employees including baby-sitters. >> the california state university began accepting applications for the appreciateman class but will not be evaluating them until november and there is a better idea of funding going forward and if not approved it will lose nornl $250 million. >> coming up, the trader joe's peanut butter recall expands to several other chains, where, straight ahead. >> then from michael finney tonight shortage of a key ingredient in diapers could soon cost parents more. >> and people living in the coliseum get satisfaction after a loud music event kept them up. the news continues in one minute. >>> a big scare over a little misunderstanding when a man was driving to work and wearing a costume that sent police into response
. and i'm not going let it bother me. >> in california were to relax the standard and i'm told it's only been done once when california instituted cleaner standards so i'm told not to bet on that. >> how much are these costing us? do you have a basic car with an 18 gallon tank there is about 25 miles to the gallon. you're paying 17 to drive. if $5.65 it's governmenting you $83 to fill up. so temporary spike may not hit as hard as you think. california does have the cleanest gas but we do pay the price for it. coming up standards that are fueling part of the jump. >> and there are new signs the economy is improving. unemployment fell to its lower level since 2008. this is the first time it's been under the 8% mark in four years so there is a significant event. mitt romney says the drop isn't good enough. >> reason its come down is more people just stopped looking for work. >> this news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to store points. it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> this romney campaign feeling energized but the jobs report may squash som
and there is no one arrested. >> gas prices in california continued to climb, triple a shows a price at the pump went up two cents overnight. and in san francisco, jump a penny up to $4:74. there is san jose average up two cents. this is incremental compared to 45 cents we saw last week but there is relief in site. >> there is prices coming down. >> not long after there was a weekend directive ordering regulators to do what it took, the california air resources board won fast approval from u.s. epa to open stop requiring expensive summer blend gasoline immediately. since it's only three weeks from the normal switch, the thinking is that dirtier formula wouldn't affect it too much it gives a go ahead to distribute it, and sell it this is intended to increase by 10% taking a few more days to dip at the pump because it told us it's more complicated than flipping a switch. >> there is prices that set a record high. we're paying that. they will be coming down and will be make not be coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> this is too little, too late. >> republicans calling for adopting one formula a
allow undocumented students to get california driver licenses. another would exempt california police from turning over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities unless they have been convicted or charged with a serious crime. >> we are all californians with or without papers. there's no reason why the undocumented immigrant community should be continued to be subjected to second class citizenship in the state of california. >> currently the federal government secure communities law requires local police to turn over undocumented immigrants who are accused of minor and nonviolent crimes, even if they don't have a prior criminal record. >>> san jose police are investigating the city's 34th homicide of the year. police say it started with a fight near the burn-all road and hospital ray highway just before 1:00 this morning. officers found a man suffering from at least one stab wound. he died a short time later at the hospital. no arrests have been made. >>> the trial is set to begin tomorrow for the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle lee. prosecutors say giselle
sunday to send california patrol officers to help fight crime in oakland. the police chief embraced that additional help. and burglaries up 40% over last year. governor brown says he will find money in the budge writ to help out oakland these are serious issues. we should do it with public safety. we're limited in funds. >> police force is under manned. there are 629 officers, down from 837 four years ago. >> san jose police believe an accused rapist may have assaulted other women. they released this photo to see if others recognize him. he is accused of raping one woman, trying to assault two others near san jose monterey road. the rape vip was attacked in a remote area and gave officers a license plate number. police caught him. >> last night's occupy oakland protest was more focused on survival of the movement. several hundred mars around and organizers decried violence and event was mostly peaceful, only two were arrested. and there were no reports of broken windows. this morning the area back open for business. workers power washed the plaza. others erased some of the graffiti
of the california international guard is trained for these types of deployments. many of men and women going on this mission have actually taken part in other hurricane air rescue operations so they know what to expect. hours can be long, work can be dangerous, and rewards, amazing. on ha aimilar assignment during hurricane floyd in 1999. >> we had taken people off the top of their houses and we did 12 plus hour days where we'd be at night. picking up people's flashing flashlights. >> the 129th wing is being spent to -- sent to charlotte, north carolina. right now, the international guard personnel don't know how long they'll be deployed. it will depend on where it hits, where they're needed. 129th wasredit with helping to rescue more than 300 people in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> thank you very much. travelers are really struggling trying to figure out how to get home now that hurricane sandy caused many flights to be cancelled. david louie joins us with that part of the story. >> there is no question vacationers had difficulty getting back to the east coast but some people misse
to make its way south ward. parallelling the coast to wednesday moving into california. there is south bay, and into sierra nevada look at the moisture, there is a possibility of snow above 8,000 feet so we'll be watching this carefully that system makes its way into southern california. there are 70s in saratoga. 60 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees 72 in santa rosa and napa. fewer clouds to the north. there is 67 in oakland. and monterey bay this is where the best possibility of showers exist. accu-weather forecast chance of showers south mainly for wednesday. there is a warming trend beginning friday and throughout the weekend. and there is toot too late to win 49,000s frdz abc 7. and the winner will be announced after the 49ers game october 18th. and there is a click win $49,000 button taking you to this page. and we'll announce the winner right here after the 49ers game. so a lucky person will walk away with $49,000. >> and it's getting close. >> and still to come medication showing signs it could slow decline of alzheimer's patients. >> and why there is a side appears t
wednesday, california pizza kitchen throughout california will donate 20% of the revenues to the cononyngstorm memorial fund. the money going to his family and a clenl fund to his >>> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, first it was standard definition, then high definition, now, something new. a leader wants to opt out. then at 11:00 here on abc 7 the stage is set for tonight's final presidential debate. we'll have the trending tweets and the snap poll. that is why we're not on at 6:00. the debate will be on. join us tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> this little guy isn't working drk -- walking yet but there fan of the team. >> this dog wears his heart on the giants. >> meet this black cat adorned in giants gear. >> you can send us your photos or share them with us on our facebo
schoolteacher will find out if they're going to be exindicted to california or face charges in seattle first them were arrested last week after a chase. authorities say the couple was driving suzy ko's stolen car, ko found murdered october 5th. a funeral will be held in st. patrick's church in rodeo on friday. >>> a teenager accused of stealing a tv chef's lamb genie and shoot agent two people will have to stand dril. -- trial. a judge determined there was enough evidence to try max wade on various charges including attempted murder and possessing stolen property. police say he stole the $200,000 car so he can impress a girl after she rejected him he is accused at shooting at a car with the girl and her boyfriend in the car. >> the finding has nothing to do with guilt or inshuns of the client. simply finding the case can go forward to the next stage. >> the judge dea.accused wade of trying to pull a loaded weapon on detectives. >> president barack obama and mitt romney off the campaign trail today, preparing for tomorrow's debate. michelle obama filed her absentee ballot. the president will
is already up along northern california coast. this is what is coming towards bay area, sierra nevada nice afternoon. you can see quiet at this hour. this is going to start to pick up. temperatures 50s, 60s in line with what we saw yesterday. so temperatures have been into upper 50s to mid-60s, scattered showers for tomorrow. and milder pattern will develop so it is coming. dry weather but not immediately. this is the area of low pressure that we're watching. front went through yesterday this, has to come through, with it comes moist unstable air. next wave of showers coming through here. into your wednesday morning commute. taking a look at computer animation at 7:00 tonight loudz and showers in the north bay. 9:00 p.m. a batch moving through the heart of the bay area. look at the 5:00 a.m. rush hour. it looks nasty. we're going to be seeing showers. at noon time, lunchtime, north bay we'll be seeing shower activity. this is what rainfall will look like. less in the east bay and south bay. north bay mountains could see half an inch to an inch and a half by tomorrow night. winter weather g
into outer space. the california company completes >> treasure island reside still need to boil their water before they can drink it but they can use their bathrooms again. crews restored the flow of water to treasure island after a water main ruptured friday evening. the water department is testing the water to make sure it's safe to drink. that could happen tomorrow morning. island residents can get clean drinking water from two tanker trucks. they just have to bring their own container. >> someone out there has a lottery ticket worth $15 million. it was purchased in san francisco at the best food grocery store in chinatown. the owners get $65,000 and say they'll use the money to pay off some bills. >> we plan to retire in couple more years, and then i think i hope we will hit one before we leave, you know, and it happened. i'm so glad. >> ama: the winner has not yet come forward. so here's a look at the numbers 5, 14, 36, 38, 47, the mega-number is 18. >>> a space capsule makes a successful landing off the coast of california. up next, the 900-pounds of supplies delivered into space and
a new california hau will ban licensed mental health professionals from trying to turn gay and lesbian teens straight. a christian legal group is going court to stop the law. there are authorities having to decide whether this can take affect. >> i've heard this is a sin. >> steven went through a controversial treatment in an effort to become straight. but the bay area man says no one should go through it because it can be dangerous. >> it causes depression, anxiety. thoughts of suicide, makes you anxious causes you to hate yourself he was excited to hear the governor signing into law some day a ban preventing gay conversion therapies on minors. methods american psychiatrist society:kon cluded are harmful. the governor says there is no basis in sigh skbrens will be relegated to the dust pin of quackery. >> there is science now we didn't have before. that sexual orientation is not something that can be changed. >> but the victory may be short lived and there are groups that already claim it's unconstitutional violating first amendment. >> this is absolutely clamps down on speech by prof
was one of the leetding proponents on a proposition that banned gay marriage in california. >> don't get involved in secular politics do your job, stay out of everyone's lives. >> and this archdiocese did not want to comment about the protest. there are more demonstrations planned for tomorrow. >> and this is going to be taking place as the city attorney revealed he had pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge from august. >> coming up here it's not the baseball world series. >> that is america's >>> hope you can join me at 9:00 new concern about what facebook does with your information. and then, at 11:00 here on abc 7 the presidential debate now just 30 minutes away. millions will be watching and what people are saying at two biggest parties in the bay area. we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> there is a live picture from marina green. teams skpeeting are racing. it began around 4:00 this afternoon. >> there are 11 teams taking part. >> and that is exciting. >> world news is coming up next. >> and from all of us here, thanks for watching we appreciatit your time. you can catch
. >> and says the main source of exposure is canned food and use of hard, clear plastic. and in july, california banned bpa in baby bottles and sippy cups but can be found in canned baby form la. they will take a look at the children in the study. >> we've looked and we're in the process of looking at potential relationship with outcome like obesity and brain development. and saying the bulk is saying bpa is safe as used now and says the speculation sit linked to health affects is not supported by data. >> and okay, thank you. >> and coming up, settlement allowing google's library to move forward. >> a standoff taking place over a yacht offering women in one muslim nation a way to get an abortion. >> and from a cool down to the possibility of wet weather when computer models want to bring in showers, back with a forecast coming up. >> and a look at the tweets from the presidential debate. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment. he. >>> a dutch ship spreading awareness about abortion rights was scheduled to rif today, officials say the boat did not have permission to enter
instability pushing into southern california now. with this counterclockwise circulation there is wrap around moisture and showers coming at us from the east. let's start at 7:00 this evening, we'll see light scattered showers continuing into evening hours and into early morning hours. perhaps becoming more wide spread by beginning of rush hour at 5:00. but then, later in the day showers dissipating and clouds start to break up. becoming sunnier into afternoon hours. but then, continuing overnight tomorrow night into saturday there is a system moving north. it should stay to our north meaning we will not get rainfall out of the system. we can expect warmer conditions on saturday. and warmer still, on sunday. overnight tonight showery. sprinkley and cool with lows into low to mid 50s and cooler up into north bay. some locations will see lows dropping into upper 40s. then, tomorrow, lots of clouds around and sunnier into afternoon. still much cooler than average for this time of the year. high temperatures tomorrow into mid-60s in most locations. inland east bay where we expect upper 70s this t
. it wasn't until three hours ago that the shuttle parked at the california los angeles mew scheme of science. it took all day friday, all day saturday, more than half of today to travel 12 measly miles. thousands came out to see it. >> an amazing event. that's why i'm here with my daughter. to make sure she sees and it is part of it. >> a once in a lifetime deal with the spate space shuttle going down the streets of l.a. >> one of the reasons it took so long was because of the tight squeeze. engineers had to shoe horne the shuttle around trees and power lines. >> up next, a feat no man has ever done before. [applause] >> the extreme athlete who jumped from the stratosphere and made a nearly 24-mile sky dive back to earth, and leigh glaser says, get ready for warmer >> a skydiver successfully made his ascent from the edge of space, breaking the speed of sound during the freefall. felix bum baumgartner ascended in a helium balloon that carried him to 23 miles, more than three times the cruising al a.l.itude of the average air lynner. he hit a speed of 833 miles-per-hour. >> stand up
and the man state department has chosen to investigate thomas pickering will address the crowd. california senator feinstein, congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the slain ambassador as will former secretary of state george shultz. those with spoke to say is a fitting tribute. >> i served two years in prague. i appreciate all he did. >> he was just a wonderful person. he joked we could call him your excellence yensy when he became ambassador. he was the last person expected to be treated differently. >> he treated people well. >> that woman was a close friend for more than 20 years. she flew in from washington, d.c.. the family going to have a private ceremony later this month in grass valley where christopher stevens was born. thank you. >> we're streaming the service on our web site abc 7 there, you can find a link to learn more about ambassador stevens and leave your messages of support. >> a top aide says the president feels he is the man responsible for the attack that ki steven asks three other americans. this just a day after secretary of state hillary clin
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